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Why we are Different 

Why We Are Different

For almost a decade, MRI Depot, based in Winter Springs, FL. has specialized in Medical Equipment financing for businesses Worldwide. We ensure the process of acquiring Medical Equipment and technology is kept as quick and efficient as possible, so our customers can spend more time doing what they do best, running their business.

Here's what makes us different:

Has your financial institute ever cut the roof off a hospital and lifted an MRI Magnet (located on the top floor) out with a crane then installed the MRI overseas or hundreds of miles away? We have. We can provide you with complete Turnkey solutions where we handle everything from A to Z. We don't rely on financing as our only source of revenue. Therefore we have the luxury of being able to offer you some of the most competitive financing rates in the industry.

Our people are advisors, partners, and consultants
Answer this question: Do you find it valuable that your financing company understands when, where, what and why you are attempting to finance your equipment? We certainly hope so. Having an industry professional that understands your needs as a diagnostic imaging professional will greatly enhance your chances of acquiring the appropriate financing needed for your facility. Unlike regular financial organizations, we can advise you on options available to your industry that wouldn't have occurred to other financial organizations, simply because we know and understand your business!

Most importantly, we provide affordable monthly payments
Let's be real here. You want to get the best deal possible when you lease equipment. We understand that fully and that is the Number One reason that we have created such a wide network of funding sources. No two businesses are alike, even in the Medical Industry. We have the skills and backing to find the best solution for your company based on your credit history, time in business, and other key attributes.

We keep it simple
You are probably here today because you need to acquire new or used medical equipment for your business and you are exploring your options. You probably need this equipment sooner than later and you probably don't want to deal with a lengthy, involved process. MRI Depot is all about keeping it simple. We have invested heavily in our people and our technology so that every step in the leasing process can be expedited as quickly as possible.

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