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Payment Options 

90-Day Deferred
Designed for new businesses, the 90-Day Deferred Payment Plan gives your company 90 days to build cash flows before having to make monthly payments.

This payment option schedules your payments around the rise and fall of your business cycles. For example, if your business is slower during the fall, MRI Depot will arrange for you to have lower payments during those months.

Step Down
The Step Down Payment Plan was created so you could lower your total expense by paying off the lease faster. Payments gradually decrease over the duration of the lease.

Step Up
Conversely, this payment plan has increasing payments over the term of the lease and is designed for your company to build its earnings for its new equipment.

MRI Depot put together the Quarterly Payment Plan for those companies that don't want to cut 12 checks a year. This options allows for payments to be scheduled every quarter.

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